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The Ojai AYSO Board is happy to announce that we will be able to have a Fall 2021 Soccer Season!!

Aug 28, 2021- Nov 6, 2021

In order to create a fun and safe soccer environment, we will continue to actively monitor and abide by the current guidelines from AYSO National, Ventura County Public Heath, California Department of Public Heath and the CDC.
We are so excited to work together with the soccer community families to let our kids safely PLAY Soccer again!

Please be aware and respectful of the following: We will ask families to monitor their children, and adults to monitor themselves, and stay home if they have symptoms of fever or cough or exposure to someone with Covid-19 or are ill with Covid-19.

We are so excited to work together with the soccer community families to let our kids safely PLAY SOCCER again!

Additional Info...

Additional Registration Info...

Thank you for choosing Ojai AYSO Region 147 we look forward to seeing you this season!

Registration is open May through July 4. Once registration is closed we will be assessing volunteers to see how many more division coordinators, coaches, referees and team parents are still needed. We will spend most of July getting volunteer background checks completed and volunteer training updated and completed as well as assembling teams. This process takes much longer when we're still looking for volunteers! Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Referees are the most critical during this time. If you can volunteer to fulfill any of these roles please do so today!

Coaches will start to receive their team packets around the end of July. Coaches are not eligible to receive their team packet until their background check has been cleared and they have completed all of the required coach and safety training. Not all coaches will receive their team packet at the same time.


Once a Coach receives their team packet they will notify the Parents/Players. Some coaches may call while other may send emails, so it's very important to keep your contact information updated in the registration system. It is also important that you check your voicemails and email as we get to August 1.


Your registration fee does include your game jersey, shorts, and one pair of socks. 

Uniforms are not custom ordered, and sizes are not guaranteed. If you feel that your child may require a smaller or larger size than most kids their age typically receive it is important that you make a size selection and email our Purchaser at [email protected] and she will try to help you.  

The player does get to keep their uniform once the season is over. 


Every player will need the following items this season:

  • Equipment bag or backpack (Does not need to be large) ***Players must bring a bag to all practices & games***

  • Soccer Ball *Write your name on it!* - Player must bring their own ball to practice. DO NOT BRING SOCCER BALLS TO THE FIELD ON GAME DAY!

  • 4U/5U/6U/7U//8U = Size 3 Ball
  • 10U & 12U = Size 4 Ball
  • 14U/16U/18U = Size 5 Ball
  • Shinguards (Players are not allowed to participate in practice or games without shinguards) - Shinguards should be worn under the socks.

  • Hand Sanitizer - Players should have their own travel size bottle at all games & practices.

  • Soccer Cleats - NO BASEBALL - NO METAL SPIKES - NO TOE CLEATS - Young players, 4U/5U/6U/7U/8U may use regular athletic shoes if they prefer, but cleats are strongly recommended.

  • Reusable Water Bottle (Strongly Recommended) - Bottles should be clearly marked with the player's name or stickers that the child will clearly recognize. Players must not share drinks! Store-bought drink bottles are permitted but must be marked with the player's name. Drinks bottles should remain in the player's bag during practices & games. 

  • Goalkeeper Gloves (Optional, Keepers are not required to wear gloves.) - NOT NEEDED FOR 4U/5U/6U/7U/8U.

Coaches will no longer be able to buy a pair for keepers to share. If keepers choose to wear them they would need their own pair.

  • Practice Socks (Optional) - It is a good idea for players 6U and up to have an extra pair or two of soccer socks to wear for practice.

As with everything else, if you have any questions or need assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected] and we will do our best to help out.  

We are looking forward to a great season of soccer and to seeing all of our kids out there again playing the beautiful game of soccer!!


2021 Fall Season Age Groups

AYSO 2021 Division Chart:


Birth Years

12U 2010-2011


2021 Work Weekend Schedule

Player Programs > Fall Soccer

Fall Soccer Program

Our fall program runs from August through November. This is our core program. With the exception of our upper divisions (14U and 18U) all games are played at Nordhoff High School. Our program is divided up by gender and age.

Grasshoppers (birth years 2017, 2018)
Soccer is for people of all ages – even the little ones!  We developed our Grasshoppers program is for four-year-olds. In our Grasshoppers program, children get to play soccer in an age-specific environment, and you, the parents, get to participate with them. 

6U (birth year 2016)
Our 6U program begins teaching our development curriculum in a safe, family friendly setting. There are no goal keepers and no scores are kept. The game is played 4v4 to maximize touches on the ball. There are no weekly practice sessions in this division. Rather we have our coaches run a short practice and game on Saturday mornings.

8U (birth years 2014, 2015)
Our 8U program builds upon our previous programs. Field size gets a bit larger and new techniques are introduced. Our coaches are age appropriately trained for the division they are coaching. There are no goal keepers and no scores are kept. The game is played 4v4 to maximize touches on the ball. It is recommended that teams have a single practice session each week, not to exceed an hour. Volunteer referees from each team manage the games on Saturdays.

10U (birth years 2012, 2013)
Although not technically a competitive division, it is at this level that we introduce goal keeping. Games are played 7v7 to maximize touches on the ball. We also introduce the Build Out Line, which helps coaches and players develop a possession based approach to soccer.

12U (birth years 2010, 2011)
At 12U, our players and coaches have learned to become proficient in performing and coaching the basics. This division is that last division that makes use of small sided games. We play 9v9 in this division. The build out line is removed but heading the ball is still not allowed. This ensures our players are continuing to develop a possession based approach to soccer. 

14U (birth years 2008, 2009)
This division marks the first time in our program where our coaches and players are playing with full size teams on full size fields. We play 11v11 and the previous division rules regarding build out lines, goalie punts, and heading the ball are no longer enforced. This is the beautiful game as it was meant to be played. Our upper division teams play in a league with surrounding regions that include Santa Paula, Fillmore, and Oxnard.

18U (birth years 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007)
Geared for high school players. Our 18U division still follows our six philosophies which ensures lots of playing time for everyone on the team. As in our 14U program, our 18U teams will travel to surrounding regions to play their games.

No Pet Policy

AYSO has a strict NO PET POLICY

Pets or animals of any kind are not permitted at any AYSO training sessions/ practices, games or other AYSO events. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians of the registered player to inform any and all invited guests to these events of this policy.

If a pet/animal is brought to the field, you will be asked to leave immediately. We have some extremely hot weather during our Fall soccer season, it is not safe to leave your pets in the car. The safest place for your pets is at home!

Service Dogs are permitted with their handler; however, they must be appropriately marked, on a leash at all times and must behave as such. Under no circumstance should the dog be pet by others at the event.

In the event the dog displays uncharacteristic behaviors of a trained Service Dog, you will be told to leave the field immediately. This may be, but are not limited to the following actions:

  • Pulling/dragging the handler.

  • Barking, growling, whining, or making other noises.

  • Wandering

  • Is anxious, agitated or aggressive.

  • Engages with other dogs, children, people or other distractions.

There are no exceptions to this policy, no matter how small or old the animal may be.

Please note that Emotional Support animals are not recognized by the ADA and therefore are not permitted at any AYSO event.

Ojai AYSO Region 147 reserves the right to:

  • Stop game play.

  • Cancel a player registration.

  • Ban an individual or family from all AYSO events.

for non-compliance of our No Pet Policy. In the event that any of the above actions are taken no refund of any kind will be issued.

By completing registration, you acknowledge that you, your child, and your family understand and intend to follow our No Pet Policy.

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